In our factories we produce aluminium alloys, using metals for recycling, processing residues and collected scraps, which would otherwise be disposed of as waste. Our alloys will then be used by other companies to produce new items thanks to the characteristic of aluminium that it can be completely reused, thus avoiding the extraction of natural deposits which creates a negative impact on the environment in terms of pollution, energy expenditure and depletion of natural resources. Each tonne of recycled aluminium avoids the emission of 2,000 Kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the consumption of 16,000 litres of water – a saving of 95% in the energy needed to produce it starting from the mineral.


Respect for the environment has long been the guiding principle of our business, inherent in our company mission that aims to recycle a very wide range of raw materials, of very different sizes, origins and types. We have therefore achieved maximum flexibility in our systems in order to be able to treat all types of materials, optimizing recycling and environmental sustainability in the entire process by using an enormous range of methods and instrumentation for treating scrap.


Economy and ecology are closely linked in the recycling process. With cutting-edge technologies, emissions are reduced to a minimum, each element is recycled and given added value with the accent on energy saving, cost containment, conserving resources and safeguarding the environment. Part of the energy and steam needed for the process is recovered from the heat emitted by the kilns and by the pyrolysis system, the scrap is cleaned in the preparation systems, the residual metal is extracted from the dross and production trimmings, the fluxes are recrystallized and an aluminous material, ArgAlum®, is obtained from the process, to be used particularly in the building sector. Recycling while fully respecting the environment is the mission that will also guide our business in the future, with a full awareness of our civil responsibility and commitment to making our contribution for improving quality of life.