Our two factories carry out different and complementary activities. All the pre-treatment activities for aluminium scrap to make it suitable for subsequent melting, as well as the treatment of the foundry waste, are centralized at Intals in Parona. The numerous pre-treatment methods allow maximum flexibility in use on any type and size of material. Aluminium alloy ingots are produced for foundries, and small hemispherical pieces for steelworks, which our customers will melt down again to create a great variety of items.

At Somet in Ambivere aluminium plates and billets are produced, destined for subsequent plastic processing such as lamination or extrusion, to create new items. Apart from their differences in shape and subsequent method of use, the products from both factories can be made in a very wide range of different aluminium alloys according to the specific uses they are intended for, and their composition can also be completely customized on the basis of individual customer requests.